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Celebrating the Release of “His American Heartsong” with an Excerpt + a Giveaway

Dear Readers, At your request, I created Lawrence Lowery’s story. In my Realm series, you first met Sir Carter’s older brother Lawrence in A Touch of Velvet when the future baron came to Linton Park at the request of Viscount … Continue reading

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A Happy “June” Birthday to Some of Our Favorite “Austen” Actors

    June 2 ~ Dominic Cooper (John Willoughby in 2007’s Sense and Sensibility)         June 2 ~ Liam Cunningham (General Tilney in 2007’s Northanger Abbey) June 3 ~ James Purefoy (Tom Bertram in 1999’s Mansfield Park) … Continue reading

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Precision in Language Choices

Precision in Language Choices Choosing the precise word or phrase remains a challenge for all authors, whether they write professionally or for their own pleasure. The majority of those who make a living from writing have knowledge of words they … Continue reading

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Do You Know These Words and Phrases?

I am all about finding how words came into usage. How about you?  Crug is a Welsh word meaning hillock, cairn or barrow. Crug Hywel (called the Table Mountain in English) is a flat-topped hill at the southern edge of … Continue reading

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Anglo-Saxon Literature – Part II: Charms and Riddles

The transition from pagan thoughts to the dogma of Christianity was slow to go. Appeasing the populace to look upon a Christian society with acceptance was a difficult task. Charms reflect pagan superstition and folklore. Even so, it was not … Continue reading

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“Mansfield Park” 1983

In 1983, ITV for BBC television produced the Ken Taylor screenplay of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. Shown in six episodes, the production was director David Giles second Austen film. He directed the 1971 version of Sense and Sensibility. The series … Continue reading

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Do You Know These Words and Phrases?

I have some words/phrases that are familiar and others perhaps not so. Enjoy the origins of these choice tidbits.  Butterfingers: ( A name playfully applied to someone who fails to catch a ball or lets something slip from their fingers. Several authorities Charles Dickens invented … Continue reading

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