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Do You Know These Words and Phrases?

I have some words/phrases that are familiar and others perhaps not so. Enjoy the origins of these choice tidbits.  Butterfingers: ( A name playfully applied to someone who fails to catch a ball or lets something slip from their fingers. Several authorities Charles Dickens invented … Continue reading

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Winners of “Elizabeth Bennet’s Deception”

Congratulations to the following, who each won an eBook copy of my very first Austen Variation.  Chiara Lanzi Anji Suzan  beth  will receive a copy of Elizabeth Bennet’s Deception: A Pride and Prejudice Vagary. Ladies, please contact me at … Continue reading

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Exogamous and Endogamous Marriages in Austen’s Works defines an “endogamous marriage” as the custom enjoining one to marry within one’s own group, while Wikipedia says “endogamy” is the practice of marrying within a specific ethnic group, class, or social group, rejecting others on such a basis … Continue reading

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Regency Era Lexicon – The Letter “R”

Regency Era Lexicon – “R” Is Next on Our List R. A. – member of the Royal Academy, which was founded by George III Radcliffe, Ann – was an English author, and a pioneer of the Gothic novel. Her style … Continue reading

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Calomel: A Poison Once the Standard for Medical Treatment

Many of you who follow this blog are parents and grandparents. Are we not glad that this medicine is no longer a part of our children’s teething issues? Read on… From Evidence Based Science we learn that Calomel was once considered standard medicine. It … Continue reading

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Are You Familiar with These Words and Phrases?

We have a variety of words that mean “stupid or foolish person” Ninnyhammer – First Known Use: 1592 Berk – The usage is dated to the 1930s. A shortened version of Berkeley Hunt, the hunt based at Berkeley Castle in … Continue reading

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Have You Heard of the Oxford Electric Bell?

The Oxford Electric Bell or Clarendon Dry Pile is an experimental electric bell that was set up in 1840 and which has run almost continuously ever since, apart from occasional short interruptions caused by high humidity. It was “one of … Continue reading

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