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UK Mystery: Stanton Drew Stone Circles

Location: near Stanton Drew and Bristol Region: Somerset, England Coordinates: 51.367797°N 2.575257°WCoordinates: 51.367797°N 2.575257°W Type: Henge monument Condition: intact The Stanton Drew stone circles are just outside the village of Stanton Drew in the English county of Somerset. The largest … Continue reading

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Mashups ~ Jane Austen and Zombies

MashUps: Jane Austen and Zombies   Why are Zombies being mixed with my Jane Austen? Most people seem to agree that zombies and other monsters are an open testament to a troubled time. Zombies found their peak in George Romero … Continue reading

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The Red Book of Hergest, Welsh Medieval Manuscript

This is one of three posts I have scheduled related to Hergest Court. We will also have a look at Sir Thomas Vaughan (October 24) and his trials with four English kings and, in celebration of all things haunted, the … Continue reading

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A Taste of Blood ~ Exquisite Excerpts from “Vampire Darcy’s Desire”

A Taste of Blood… Below you will find an excerpt from Vampire Darcy’s Desire. VDD presents Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice as a heart-pounding vampire romance filled with passion and danger. Tormented by a 200-year-old curse and his fate as a half-human/half-vampire (dhampir), Mr. Darcy … Continue reading

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The Bloody Assizes and the Demon Judge, George Jeffreys

The Bloody Assizes and the Demon Judge, George Jeffreys Historical Context With the death of Oliver Cromwell in 1658, the newly-elected Parliament “restored” Charles II to the throne of England. Charles II’s reign (1660-1685) was marked by political unrest. The … Continue reading

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Should Writers Make These Distinctions?

There are many words in the English language which are routinely interchanged. Whether one accepts these “switches” depends upon whether the person is a semanticist or a grammarian. Semanticists normally are concerned with the word’s meaning, while the grammarian deals … Continue reading

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Adder Stones? Hag Stones? Witch Stones? Magical Powers or False Hopes?

Adder Stones, Hag Stones, Witch Stones…Do You Know These? Adder stones are usually glass stones with a naturally occurring stone in them. Archaeologists have found them in both Britain and Egypt. In Britain, they stones are also called hag stones, … Continue reading

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