Actors We “Doubly” Love in Jane Austen Films

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a film buff – especially period dramas. For many years, I taught media literacy, and I love to look for “unique” facts. One of my favorites is a list of actors who regularly appear in period dramas. I have many on my list, but the ones below are those specific to film adaptations of Jane Austen novels.

Daphne Slater took on the parts of Anne Elliot in Perusasion 1960 and that of Elizabeth Bennet in the 1952 production of Pride and Prejudice.

Law as Mrs. Bates from “Emma” performs with her daughter Sophie Thompson. The actress Emma Thompson is also one of Law’s children.

Phyllida Law played Mrs. Austen in Miss Austen Regrets and Mrs. Bates in Emma 1996.





Guy Henry portrayed the sleazy Mr. Collins in the 2008 film Lost in Austen, as well as the more likeable John Knightley in Emma 1996 (TV).  





Hugh Bonneville (before his stint in Downtown Abbey) has appeared three times: Rev. Brook Bridges in Miss Austen Regrets; Mr. Bennet in Lost in Austen; and Mr. Rushworth in Mansfield Park 1999.
Sylvestra Le Touzel played Mrs. Allen in Northanger Abbey 2007. Earlier she portrayed Fanny Price in Mansfield Park 1983.
Irene Richard played Charlotte Lucas in the 1980 version of Pride and Prejudice. The next year, she became Elinor Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility.
David Savile took on the part of Charles Bingley in the 1967 version of Pride and Prejudice. Four years later, he portrayed Mr. Elliot in Perusasion.
Gemma Jones, who portrayed Mrs. Dashwood in the 1995 version of Sense and Sensibility, also played the role of Bridget Jones’s mother in the films based loosely on Pride and Prejudice.
I also found it interesting that Richard Owens, who played Mr. Woodhouse in the 1971 version of Emma is the father of Susannah Harker, who played Jane Bennet in 1995’s Pride and Prejudice.
It is a bit amusing that Hugh Grant’s birthday is Sept. 9, and Colin Firth’s is Sept. 10. They played the “Wickham” and “Darcy” roles in the Bridget Jones movies. Of course, Firth was Fitzwilliam Darcy in 1995’s Pride and Prejudiceas well as Mark Darcy in the Bridget Jones films. Hugh Grant played Daniel Cleaver in the BJ films and Edward Ferras in Sense and Sensibility.
So, do you know of other similar roles I have missed?

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2 Responses to Actors We “Doubly” Love in Jane Austen Films

  1. I love that so many of these actors did more than one Austen movie! They just can’t get enough, can they? Great list! I do think that is interesting about Colin and Hugh! And aren’t they born in the same year, too?

    At first I didn’t think there was any you missed, but I actually just thought two! Blake Ritson and Jonny Lee Miller (who was actually in two different adaptations of MP!) :)

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